Gawker run exclusive clip from The Penalty

Check it out! We're only up on the front page of Gawker! They've released an exclusive snippit from the film that talks about the cost of the death penalty. 

Do you know how much the death penalty is costing you? The Penalty is a 90-minute feature-length documentary from the award-winning Webby-nominated team behind One For Ten. Lifting the lid on America's modern death penalty, the film examines the human cost of the ultimate punishment.

New York - We're coming at ya!

We've landed safe and sound in New York and are gearing up for our event tonight at Lair NYC. We're super excited to hear from Damien Echols, former death row inmate and member of the West Memphis 3 who's case was made famous by the Paradise Lost documentaries as well as West of Memphis. We're also going to be hearing from Vanessa Potkin, Senior Staff Attorney from the Innocence Project

We'll be there from 6.30, speeches start at 8! 

We can't wait to see you all there!!


Thanks San Francisco - Onwards to New York


"This is the film that's going to give the big picture approach we need to engage people"

Those are the words of Jeff Adachi, Public Defender of the City and County of San Francisco. Last night we were honoured to have Jeff speak at our San Francisco launch, alongside acclaimed journalist Nancy Mullane

We were so buoyed by the incredible support from everyone at Trou Normand, and all of the incredibly generous guests. Not only did people back the film financially, but their passion and words of support were food for the filmmaking soul. Thank you!


We're going great guns and are already 21% funded thanks to 71 backers! 

Please continue to SHARE the campaign, with your help this film WILL get made. 

Onwards to New York!

Today we make our way to the Big Apple ahead of our event there this WEDNESDAY, November 12th. If you're in the area, we hope to see you there! 

Please share the event with friends, family, long lost aunts and cousins twice removed - the more the merrier and pass the link on:

The Penalty Team x

Our Kickstarter is live!!

And we're off!! Our Kickstarter is live!!

We have an enormous amount of support from charities, organizations and individuals working in the world of the death penalty. We have ambitious plans to work alongside high schools and law schools across the country to put on debates and open up some real conversations. We have impressive partners willing to help us shape the educational arm of the film, thought leaders in learning who are behind us. The impact of this film will be big.

Right now, we don't have the funds to finish filming. We have been filming for a year and have gathered huge amounts of material, but we're not done. Our stories continue to unfold and we are now out of resources to capture them. 

Tomorrow is lift off!

It's all hands on deck preparing to kick off our crowd funding campaign TOMORROW!

We'll be celebrating the launch with events in London, San Francisco, New York and Washington D.C.  We'll be showing exclusive extended clips from the film so don't miss out on your chance to get a sneak peek at what we've been up to! We've also got incredible speakers lined up for each event. 

Over the next month we'll be needing your help to spread the word about the project as much as possible so please do get involved and help if you can. You can follow us on Twitter at @thepenaltyfilm and we're on Facebook HERE. If you'd like to chat to us about ways you can support, email Laura at


Washington D.C. launch details revealed!

The Penalty is headed to America's political heartland - D.C. we're on our way!

We're hugely honoured to be welcoming Edward J. Ungvarsky - Capital Defender for Northern Virginia and Allen L. Bohnert, Assistant Federal Public Defender for the Southern District of Ohio, Capital Habeas Unit. Allen is one of our main characters, so we're extra excited to be able to introduce him to you in person!

Hosted by the fabulous Busboys & Poets, this event is guaranteed to be a corker. Make sure you join the Facebook event right here, and invite every friend you can remember the name of. You won't want anyone blaming you for missing out. 

New York launch details revealed!

Oh hey Big Apple - we're coming to get you!  Our New York launch is GO! 

Don't miss your chance to catch us in NYC. We'll be showing exclusive extended clips, that's right folks, material that hasn't seen the light of day. 

AND the inimitable Damien Echols will be joining us to share his story. 

Sounds like a pretty unbeatable Wednesday night to us. 

Make sure you pass on the invite and join the Facebook event here to stay updated.

See you there!

San Francisco launch details revealed!

We are eternally grateful to the generous folk over at Bar Agricole, for giving us their stunning sister restaurant Trou Normand for our launch. We seriously can't thank them enough. Make sure you check 'em out and give them heaps of love - our karma debt to them is significant. Oh! And if you don't already know how visually awesome the space is, you better get down to our event to find out. 

We're honoured and beside ourselves in equal measure to be welcoming acclaimed journalist Nancy Mullane and Public Defender of the City & County of San Francisco Jeff Adachi to speak. West Coasters - be there or miss out!

The official invitation is below. Put the date in your diary, and pass it on. And to stay up to speed with exciting new developments, head over to our Facebook event right here. 

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Save the date, we're throwing some parties!

To launch our crowdfund to finish the filming of The Penalty, we're doing some very special events in a few key cities from the 6th of November to the 13th and you're invited. At each event, we'll be introducing our new project, showing some exclusive clips and hearing from some of the world's experts on the death penalty in the USA. If you're in London, San Francisco, New York or Washington DC, we'd love to see you there. There are some event pages over on our facebook page with more info and we'll be updating here in days to come.